Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Yard Walk

This weekend my roommate and I did a yard walk. This is when we take our beers and walk around the yard looking at what's growing and what has died since we last remembered to water plants.

The heat and lack of rain over the summer finally got to some of my perennials, like the three different kinds of native salvia I have in pots (though I don't think I've killed them yet), and some of my other potted plants looked pretty gnarly and brown. I snapped off some dead bits and hoped for showy comebacks in a few months. I like low-maintenance plants, obviously.

The larger containers where I put a few different plants seemed to be thriving pretty well, and we still have broccoli, tomato, and strawberry plants from earlier in the year. The raised beds were choked with weeds but we decided to leave them until we plant something. Here's one of our hanging strawberry plants.

Some of the vegetable seeds I planted last weekend had sprouted last week, and I contemplated putting them into the beds or some containers I grew vegetables in earlier this year, but didn't deal with it this weekend after all. More on this when I get around to it.

In the compost heap, which also got neglected this summer--except by the roommate's girlfriend's wiener dog, Raz, who visited it faithfully--an avocado pit had shot up over a foot tall, clearly thriving. Whenever I see things growing in the compost I take them out and put them in pots, but sometimes they look so happy I put it off for a little while.

I'm really glad that fall is finally coming! It's my favorite time of year, and I'm looking forward to gardening again. The summer is just too hot for it.

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