Monday, November 5, 2007

Back from My Road Trip!

I'm back! I had a great road trip.

(I will interrupt myself here to explain that yes, I know road trips are not exactly sustainable since one uses gas and all that. And if there were trains that actually got you anywhere worth going in fewer than twenty hours or whatever, I would gladly take them. But meanwhile, we live in the U.S., and so we drive. Finally, my car gets better gas mileage than the cars of anyone else I know--forty to forty-five MPG on the highway--so I think I've said enough about this now.)

My first stop was Asheville. Of course, I love Asheville. Good food, beautiful mountains, and sympatico people. I stayed with my friend Hugh:

He just bought a house. I wanted to blog about the landscaping, but he only had two sad planters on his porch, and they were empty:

Asheville was so beautiful. Here in North Central Florida we get some leaf color in, oh, January, but in Asheville it's prime leaf color season, or whatever you call it. Anyway, it took my breath away. We played frisbee golf on what I am convinced were the two most perfect days of the year anywhere in the world, weather-wise.

The color of the leaves is impossible to really capture in a photo. At least with my camera.

I really love the mountains.

Next I drove to Durham to see my oldest brother and his family. They have a two-and-a-half-year-old and a five-week-old. At the risk of deviating from my blog's mission, I have to show a photo of my niece Mia. She was a princess for Halloween:

Finally, I went to Charleston to see my friend Chris. We danced salsa. I am not a good dancer. But I did have fun. My camera was out of batteries by then, though.

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