Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Casualties Mount

Well, I did my part to save water, and this is the thanks I get. Here are some of the plants I've killed or severely injured in the past month or two.

Swedish Ivy at work (almost impossible to kill; I worked hard for this one):

Here's an African violet I just retrieved from the ICU (my mother's greenhouse). It's already looking half-dead. How do I do it? It's just a natural talent, I tell you.

Here's a sad lineup outside my back door. There's waxy begonia, two Florida violets, and some other dead or semi-dead stuff.

Firebush and blue-eyed grass.

Gotta get the herbs in on this action. Here are some dirt and sticks formerly known as Mexican cilantro and mint.

Winter annuals. Well, let's face it, their time had come anyway.

Stupid ferns. Why do you always need to get "watered"? Why can't you just take care of yourself? Why must I always do everything???

Et tu, scarlet salvia?

Crispy blue phlox, like French fries.

I watered yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks. I wonder how many of them will come back? I've been nurturing most of them for years. You'd think they'd be a little more forgiving, but nooooo. Jeesh.


EG said...

Do you have a greywater system set up? If not, something as simple as keeping a bucket to catch excess water in the shower can be used to water the plants instead of 'wasting' water from the tap.

Ever thought about self-watering containers? Water pools at the bottom of the container and then evaporates up into the soil, rather than watering on the top of the soil and letting the sun and heat evaporate the water before it gets to the roots.

Or, just let it be, man. Your garden in admirable. :)

sarah said...



Yeah, my shower is barely big enough for me and my shampoo, let alone a bucket.

And I was joking about saving water being the reason my plants died -- I use very little water by having my plants in containers and handwatering carefully. I've just been lazy/neglectful, and I always try to turn those instances into virtues (e.g., Hey, I didn't forget to water my plants, I was just trying to save water!).

As for self-watering containers, my system actually works pretty well when I get around to implementing it. Since my plants are in containers and I typically water at the end of the day, evaporation is kept to a minimum.

Those are certainly helpful tips, though, and I appreciate them!


Wicked Gardener said...

Sarah - you are talented.

Michelle said...

Hey Sarah,

I came across your blog from a link on facebook for locally grown films. My curiosity turned to excitement when I realized this was you. : )

About your plants, my grandma washes her dishes in a bucket the size of her sink, then waters her plants with it. She uses minimal amounts of Ivory soap, which contains biodegradable anionic and nonionic agents, no phosphate, and is soft on hands!

This might be helpful.

See you soon!