Friday, January 9, 2009

Crane Madness!

Some sandhill cranes have been hanging out all week in the fields next to my work building. Here they are crossing the road.

By the USDA greenhouses.

They eyed us warily as we drove past them on our way to lunch.


Meems said...

I LOVE sandhill cranes. They come sauntering through my neighborhood and poke their long beaks in my grass looking for buggies. Actually they roost and nest a few doors down near a pond, too. Their cry is one of my favorites... especially when they are doinga flyover.
Have a great weekend. I've put a link to your blog on mine... hope that's okay.

Mindy Wisdahl said...

We went for a walk at the Alachua County Sink on the Hawthorne Trail Saturday. There were thousands of cranes there. I love the sounds they make. It was really cool to hear so many of them at once. If you go to the praire at dusk you can see lots of them flying about and feeding on bugs.

sarah said...

Meems: I think they might be my favorite birds! Thanks for the link!

Mindy: I barely missed you then, because I went Sunday. It was pretty amazing, wasn't it?

What I really want to see is their mating dance. Check out videos online -- it's really, really cool.