Monday, January 5, 2009

Fishing with John

I went out to Emily's farm this weekend to do some fishin'. It was uber-dry, since we're several years into a drought. (I think we're thirty-some inches below normal.)

That little pond in the background is the last wet area of a huge lake. John says it's a sinkhole that never dries up. That's where we caught a bunch of bottom feeders (catfish). People other than me ate them later.

Also! Genuine alligator faysays sighting! This turd is about the length of an adult finger. Who knew alligator poop was so white? The alligator that begat this one is rumored to be 10 feet long.

Here's a photo from closer up.

That day I also saw tons of sandhill cranes and even a whooping crane! Two sandhills are pictured below, stalking insects and grubs in the farm fields.

The whooping crane was flying away from me, and I didn't get a photo. Sandhill cranes have the most beautiful call. Then again, so do whooping cranes -- I heard one last year on the prairie.


Kim said...

For a moment there I thought you were blogging about John Lurie.

Kim said...

BTW, I love those sound clips you linked to!!

sarah said...

I was hoping someone would get that!

And you can't talk about sandhills without thinking about their song, or cry, or whatever it is. It's so awesome that sound files of their noise exist on the Internet.