Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Big Apple

I went to NYC a couple of weeks ago to take a test (long story). I had a fantastic time with my friend Joel and his girlfriend, Susan. We ate lots of delicious food and I was able to enjoy many of the perks of a big city, which I have been missing, without the hassle, which I have not.

Some of the highlights:

Farmer's market in Brooklyn

At the farmer's market, locally produced jams and honeys and breads ... yum...

Great restaurants. At this restaurant I ordered this tea flower. The tea came wrapped in a little bundle that looked like tobacco. As the hot water seeped into it, it slowly unfurled like a flower. I think it was jasmine.

What I love about traveling is that there are so many new things to try. I miss that when I live in Gainesville.


EG said...

I recognize that farmer's market! That's the Ft. Green market, right?

sarah said...

Yes, it is! Good eye!

EG said...

I got my farmer's market training wheels at the Ft. Greene market! Then I discovered the Union Square GreenMarket (with it's broader, more consistent selection) and never looked back. If you didn't get a chance to, next time you come to the city you should check it out!