Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fishin' on Newnan's Lake

It is definitely spring. It's very warm and there is pollen everywhere. Last weekend was a great time to go fishing.

I went out to Newnan's Lake with my friend Brandon, who has a canoe. I have never met anyone who likes to fish as much as Brandon. Here is his "I am so happy I am fishing" face.

I really like to fish, and I love canoeing, so I was stoked.

It was pretty much a perfect day, warm and breezy.

We saw and heard tons of birds -- it was actually pretty cacophonous! In the water, there were ducks, herons, and egrets (small and large). We heard a barred owl hunting in the woods. Fishing from high above the water were a bald eagle and a pair of osprey.

We fished for a while near the ospreys' nest. See it? It's on the left, and one of the ospreys is watching over it while the other hunts.

I zoomed in a bit. The nest is in the dead center of the photo, and the osprey is perched on a branch just above it and to the right.

That was a fantastic day.

Oh, Brandon caught a catfish (for a change!), which he threw back, and I didn't catch a thang.

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