Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's Growing around My House, Pt. 3

In one of my planters, I took out the bits of remaining plant matter that clearly isn't salvageable and put these new Easter lily bulbs in (Emily got them for us from work). We'll see if they adapt to my "low-key" gardening style!

Hanging strawberries: I don't know why I bother--the dang birds nibble little bits out of each strawberry before I get to it. But every now and again I get an unsullied one. They're not as sweet as last year.

Pulled a crop of radishes the other day. I cut both the radishes themselves and the greens up for a delicious salad I've been eating all week. They're spicier than store-bought radishes--tasty.

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EG said...

Are your radishes pink and stripped on the inside? I think radishes are meant to be spicier than you find them in the grocery store; American consumers tend to prefer even-keeled flavouring. Plus, I think something (like strong flavour!) gets lost in all that monocrop farming.

Yours look beautiful!