Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter in Florida

It's been wacky weather around here this winter--more than usual, even. The temperature, barometric pressure, and sunshine have been fluctuating wildly almost every day.

The other day I was driving home when it looked like a violent storm was threatening. Someone is building these horrible condos near my workplace, and I despise them, but took a photo of them anyway because the light looked so beautiful reflecting off of their windows, combined with the dark sky to the south.

I continued on my usual path home, which means I skirt the entire "city," basically, passing all the greatest hits: industrial area, homeless shelter, etc. The sky loomed.

Then I turned the corner and got this.

What the heck?


Wicked Gardener said...

Oh, isn't that the norm around here? Bad weather and good weather never lasts long.

sarah said...

Oh, I suppose it's the norm everywhere! But lately I've been noticing the contrasts a lot more lately. And because of the drought that's going on in much of the state, I guess I'm a lot more sensitive to rain--when it falls, and how much we get.