Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach Day

This weekend I went to St. Augustine Beach with some friends. I got sunburned. (Yes, I used sunscreen -- 30 SPF. It was very hot and bright.) We played in the waves like five-year-olds.

Florida has the best beaches! After living in Seattle and L.A., I will never take our beaches for granted again.

I haven't been feeling terribly inspired to write in this blog lately, but don't give up on me. I'm sure I will return to being more diligent about posting soon.


Emily said...

I like this header.

spookydonkey said...

How long did you stay in the water this time? Remember when we went to St. Augustine, and you wussed out and ran out of the water because a piece of seaweed brushed against your leg, and you were all like, "SHARK! SHARK!!" and I was all like, "Oh ferchrissakes Sarah," and you were all like, "Screw you, hippie?" Remember? That was great.

sarah said...

Haha, Donkey. You have a memory like an elephant. Does that mean you're voting for McCain?

And actually, my friend, I stayed in the water for long stretches at a time. My friends assured me there were no sharks within a large radius of me. Ha!