Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Refillable Soap

I'm not big into endorsing products or companies, but there's a new local store, Indigo, that's all about promoting "green solutions for a healthy home" (that's their tagline). I've only been there once, because I don't own a house and most of the stuff in the store is geared toward people who want to install bamboo floors or something.

But I subscribe to their e-newsletter, and was stoked yesterday to see the following in the newest: "What's big and blue and helps you re-use your old soap containers? The Soap Shack's bulk refill barrels, of course! ... Come by and fill 'er up -- bring whatever container you want; we just charge by the ounce. In stock now: Parsley Plus, Apricot Dishmate, and Ecos Free and Clear Laundry Soap."

I used to buy all my dish and hand soap bulk when I lived in L.A., but there hasn't been anywhere to do so in Gainesville until now. It's great -- I'll be able to use less plastic and buy eco-friendly soap all at once. I'm especially excited about the laundry detergent. The past few months I've been using white vinegar with a tablespoon or so of liquid detergent with each load at my friend Jenn's suggestion, but it'd be great to switch to nice eco-friendly soap.

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Jen said...

I've never heard of bulk soap before - how cool! Now I definitely have to check this store out.