Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Rain

When I was growing up, I scheduled my summer activities around the rain; it rained every day almost exactly at 4 p.m. The past few years we've had a drought, though, and it either hasn't been raining during the summer or the rain has come at wonky times, I hypothesize because of climate change.*

This summer, global warming notwithstanding, is the first one in five or ten years where the old pattern is sort of returning. Yesterday was the heaviest rain I've seen in years. Of course, it started right around 5, when I leave work. There were sheets of water falling on my car. Roads were flooded. It was scary because I could barely see in front of me. My car is tiny and weighs, like, 40 pounds. Also, I need new windshield wipers.

Apparently we got almost three inches in under an hour. On my street, there was a puddle so deep that when I drove through it at 5 mph, the waves created were taller than my car.

*This is my personal opinion and is not based on any scientific research that probably exists, only I just haven't read it.


Kim said...

And I'd like to point out that the photo was take WHILE YOU WERE DRIVING in the bad conditions you described. I'm just sayin'. (Or rather, I guess I was yelling, given the all caps.)

sarah said...

Well, I was looking at the road.